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 Urbanix review

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PostSubject: Urbanix review    Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:24 pm

Urbanix is a game that plays alot like the classic pc game Qix!


The gameplay is simple,you must develop the land by creating roads that connect to each other in a grid like pattern while avoiding enemies! sound easy?
well it's not as you only have a limited time to complete each level!

Explore 3 different terrains Earth,The North Pole,and The Moon.
Each terrain has different rules and problems to deal with,but this reviewer only found the moon to be a real challenge

I've got one important tip to give to new players,stop those darn Home Wreckers as they will destroy homes and force you to have to redevelop the area,luckily Home Wreckers are not too dangerous as they will flee if you approach them,but they will be quite a handful on later levels.......

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are fairly simple in this game as the game has a rustic windows 98ish 3d look with colorful backgrounds and clunky 3d character and object models,but given the gameplay it is a perfect fit!

The sound effects in Urbanix are quite hectic and in some cases annoying,and the music is cute,but gets pretty annoying as well.

Bottom line-With good gameplay based on a 20+ year old classic pc game,cute graphics,and music that is cute albeit a tad annoying,this is a title that can be quite entertaining,but certainly could be better,however at 500 Nintendo points fans of arcade games,and classic cpu games should at least consider purchasing Urbanix.
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Urbanix review
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